JumboDirect - Distribution List

Upgrade to JumboDirect advanced mailing system and start to:
• Easily create a professional and branded newsletter. Containing rich, relevant and current content.
• Easily assemble segmented and targeted mailing lists,  you will be able to use new and existing contact lists.
• Easily send email and text messages directly to the customer at the right time and the right place.
• Improve service efficiency and marketing success, using advanced inspection and monitoring Newsletter  tools.
So what is JumboDirect?
JumboDirect is a professional and advanced system for managing customer and extensive mailing e-mail (newsletter) distribution lists. Our mailing system allows editing marketing targeted messages and quick-efficient distribution of these messages. The system is suitable to send news updates, useful information and publications, promotions, tips and all kind of newsletter.
Who can benefit from JumboDirect?
A mailing JumboDirect will help any business cultivate, preserve and strengthen ties with existing customers and potential, and manage customer club professional and prestigious, providing clients with direct marketing and tailored to their needs: Newsletter News (newsletter), operations, marketing campaigns, offers to purchase products, services, tips and more.

How does JumboDirect works?
JumboDirect mailing system is based on advanced technology and leading performance, in accordance with Microsoft's standards and customized to client needs. Web-based management interface, accessible from anywhere, anytime.

JumboDirect excels in particular:
Management interface is simple and user-friendly allowing edit Newsletters professional branded by a comfortable patterns and modularity, set to collect and manage sophisticated mailing lists and track system performance.
Advanced mailing lists mechanism allows to group and classify information and characteristics of an unlimited number of recipients, maintain, split and distribute the lists according to the criteria set custom made, allow accurate segmentation and targeted mailing and ensure personal attention to each recipient.
Tools elaborate allow to send mailing lists mailing by regular mail, e-mail or text messages (SMS messages) to enrich the mailing lists from existing and new recipients lists, on - line, offline, social networking and stores location; launch visual content, textual and rich media.
You will be able to monitor recipients mailing opening and viewing rates, analyze the efficiency of each newsletter.
  We offer a devoted and attentive customer service that provides answers to all questions, problems and suggestions.
So upgrade to the advanced JumboDirect mailing, open a free account now!




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