Pay As You Go – JumboCodes

Pay As You Go – JumboCodes


JumboCodes serve a dual purpose; They can be used to send files up to 20GB, or to save an existing email for 6 additional months.

Choose how many JumboCodes you'd like to purchase:


Number of JumboCodes Price per JumboCode   Total  
3 $4.0 $12
8 $3.12 $25
20 $2.25 $45
50 $1.5 $75
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The Pay-as-you-go system is a great option for anyone who needs to send big files but doesn't send files very often.

  • Each code can only be used once for one transfer.
  • Codes don't have a time limit.
  • If the file transfer was not completed, the code is still valid.
  • Files sent using an upload code remain available for download for 14 days (with a regular transfer files remain available for only 7 days).
  • Saving the email can be done through the download page.

You can still upgrade to a subscription at any time.

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