File Transfer For Photographers

File Transfer For Photographers

How often have you needed to transfer large files such as images and videos, but couldn't use your regular email service? If you are a photographer, it probably happens quite a lot. Photos, especially professional photos, can be very heavy. With JumboMail you can transfer files as large as 20GB.

In addition, you probably want to make it easy for your recipients to view the files you send them. That's why we have created an online media gallery in the download page. If you have sent your recipients a lot of files, they don’t have to download them all to have a look at them. They can view the files online, pick selected photos to download, and share your images on social media. This way you can enjoy a super convenient file transfer service that helps you grow your business, and your customers get an easy to use platform for viewing the images and sharing with friends.

By using JumboMail Pro you get to enjoy some awesome features which are great for your business: you can add a signature with your logo to every email you send, and a cover photo to the download page. Learn more about the JumboMail Pro subscription>>
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