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Many of our users use JumboMail to send large amounts of files. Occasionally, these emails contain several hundreds of files (for example photographers who send their clients loads of photos). That's not really surprising, after all, 20GB is a lot of space! But what is a recipient supposed to do with so many files? Does he need to download them all just to see what he has received? Well, of course not, we've thought about that!

Here at JumboMail we're always trying to make it easier for you to share big files. When entering the download page, users can preview the files in our advanced online viewing gallery. This way they can view the files and only then decide what files to download. They don't even have to download them at all.

Scroll through the JumboMail gallery and see what you have received. Photos, videos, mp3, Excel, pdf, Word, and many other formats are all available for online viewing, both on desktop and on mobile/pad. When you want to download the files, you can choose to download a specific file or download them all at once in a zip file. If you wish to download only part of the files, you can do that too. Simply mark the files you want to download by clicking on the star next to the file, then click on the download button. The files you choose will be downloaded all at once, so you don’t have to work too hard.

What about sharing your files with friends and contacts? Of course you can, and it's easy! Choose your favorite photos or select an entire folder and share it on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social media pages. Would you like your friends to see all the files and be able to download them? Share the link to the download page and they will be able to access the page and download any file they want.

Sharing photos and files has never been so simple and efficient!



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