Ensure payment for your files

Meet JUMBOpay - The first content exchange payment service in the world!
From now on you can enable download of your transferred files subject to payment

Request Payment


set up a price you would like to charge the recipient for your uploaded files


Your files stored in JumboMail secure cloud. your recipient will only have a watermarked preview access


Only after the recipient paid for your files, he will get access to download them

Why do I need to use JUMBOpay?

JUMBOpay provides you a piece of mind! you can make sure that your files will be transferred to the recipient only when you get paid for it.

JUMBOpay - Secure platform for payments and content exchange

  • Download files subject to payment
  • Cloud based smart media preview with an advanced watermark generator - The recipient can get online access to the files with a watermark preview. Only after payment he will get a full access to download the original files

To experience the full power of JUMBOpay service
click on "I want to charge for my files"
on the JUMBOmail send form

Try it now

Use Cases

No matter what is your occupation, your works generates digital files you need to deliver in order to get paid.

Video editors

Same content multiple downloads

If you would like to sell your files to many people you can do it easily with JUMBOpay

Request Payment

Simple pricing. Fast deposits. No surprises.

Know exactly what you pay and get paid fast with JUMBOpay.

Transaction Fee
Per successful transaction
6.5% + ₪ 1.10 ILS
Withdrawal Fee
Withdraw ₪ 400.00 ILS or more to a bank account or PayPal account
Withdraw less than ₪ 400.00 ILS to a bank account or PayPal account
₪ 8.00 ILS

- Currently bank account withdrawals available only in Israel
- The funds will be in your account in 5-8 business days
- The minimum amount for submitting a withdrawal request is 35.00 ILS

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