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Marketing automation - Process planning to creating automatic communication with your customers and accumulating data to create your own customer club
Electronic mailing - Smart design and construction of emails that are adapted to all email services and a display that is adaptable to all mobile types
Landing pages management - Using built templates,  creating forms, pop-ups and content management in a simple and fast way for optimal support for your campaigns
Sending SMS - Direct communication with your customers and creating motivation for action straight from your mobile
To provide you assistance with these needs, JUMBOmail has chosen smoove - the most advanced and leading and system for managing customers and marketing automation.
Smoove is a smart and innovative platform that allows you to streamline work processes automatically, execute beautiful, smart and effective campaigns thanks to a wide range of advanced digital tools and all this quickly, simply and with minimal cost.
Sign now and get a free trial account and access to a unique contact management tool that will help you manage your contacts and customer club.
Every new contact is automatically added to the group of customers you have defined along with all the essential information for you.
Sounds interesting?
First 200 contacts are free. Your credit card can remain in the wallet

Advance to JUMBODirect's advanced mailing system and get started:

  • Easily create a professional and branded newsletter, fill with new and relevant content
  • Easily compile segmented and targeted mailing lists, which are automatically updated
  • Easily send emails and text messages directly to the right customer, at the right time and in the right place
  • Easily improve your service, efficiency and marketing success, using advanced tools for auditing and tracking mailings

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