Receiving Large Files

Someone sent me files via JumboMail, how do i get the files?

The Email you received contains a button which will direct you to a download page. In the download page you can view the files and choose to download them by clicking on "download". 


The files in the download page are no longer available, what can I do?

If the files are not available that means they have already been deleted and cannot be restored. You should contact the sender and ask him to send the files again.


I clicked on the download button but I can't find the files. where are they?

It is possible that the files were automatically downloaded to the download folder on your computer, you should search for them there.


I downloaded all the files at once and now I can't open them. What should I do?

The files have been downloaded in a Zip format. In order to open them you need to extract the files using a Zip program. You can easily download a zip program by searching for one on google.

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