Additional Products from the house of JumboMail

I have customers who send me large files, is there a way to use JumboMail for this?

Sounds like our JumboEmbed service is perfect for you. JumboEmbed allows you to create a personalized work order form which you implement into your website. Your customers fill out the form and upload their files, which are then saved in a special management panel in your JumboMail account. Click here to learn more about JumboEmbed.


Newslatter service

If you want to send emails to a large number of recipients, we suggest you try our JumboDirect service. This advanced service lets you send emails and newsletters to a large number of contacts, monitor the performance of your emails and analyze your results for better future performances. Click here to learn more about JumboDirect.

I'm a professional photographer and I'm always sending loads of photos, is there anything you can offer me?

Of course! We suggest you start working with JumboPicker. This unique service is designed to simplify the photo selection process, making your work easier and much more efficient. Click here to learn more about JumboPicker.

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