What are JumboCodes?

JumboCodes are codes users can purchase for two different reasons – sending an email with files up to 20GB and saving sent files for 6 months. The codes you purchase work for both these options.


Lost JumboCodes

If you purchased your JumboCodes while while signed in, you can find a list of your JumboCodes in your personal profile under "purchased JumboCodes".

You can receive a reminder of your JumboCodes at any time through our upload JumboCodes restoration page.

The files I send were smaller than 20GB, can I use the JumboCodes again?

No, each code can only be used once.

Do JumboCodes have expiration dates?

No, JumboCodes do not expire unless you have used them.

The upload process didn't finish and the email wasn't sent. Did I lose my JumboCode?

No, as long as the email wasn't sent the JumboCodes is still available and you can use it again.

I bought a JumboCode, when do I use it?

If the files are trying to send are larger than 2GB, during the uploading process a message will appear asking you to enter your JumboCodes.

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