Can I register to JumboMail for free?

Yes, the registration is free and anyone can join. To sign up click here
How do I sign up?
All you need to do is click on the "Get started" button at the top of the screen and fill in your details. You can sign up in one of three ways: with your email address, with your google account, or with your Facebook account. To sign up click here.

Restoring deleted files

Unfortunately, files that have already been deleted cannot be restored. Once they are deleted they don't exist on our servers.

Can I change the website's language?

Yes. At the bottom of the page you have a button for changing the language. 


What is an "advanced user"?

An advanced user is a user who can send files up to 5GB for free. Anyone can become an advanced user by following this steps.

What should I do in case of copyright issues or offensive content?

In the download page you have the option of reporting a situation of copyright issues or offensive contact. Once we get this information we can follow up on the situation and delet the files if needed.
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