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Personal signature

Each user can create his own personal signature. This signature can include text and/or an image. You can edit your signature by signing in and entering your personal profile. Once you've created your signature, you have the option of seeing how your recipients will view the signature.
I created a signature but no one can see it, why?
This is a result of one of two things, if you are not a registered user, you must register in order to use the signature. If you are a registered user, make sure you choose the option "add personal signature" when filling out the sending form.
Updating personal info
In order to update personal information such as user name, email, or password, sign in and enter your personal profile.By adding a user name you can start signing in with it instead of using your email address.

Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password click here to restore your password or create a new one.

Managing contacts

You can manage your contacts through your personal profile. You can import contacts, add contacts manually, and delete unwanted contacts. This option is available to registered users only. To register click here.
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