Sending Large Files

The file transfer process

In order to send large files, fill in the sending form in our homepage. Then click on "next" and choose the files you want to upload by dragging them to the uploading area or by clicking on "choose files". Finally, click on the "send" button and wait for the files to be uploaded to our servers. Once the upload is complete you will receive a notice informing you that the files were sent successfully. You also have a URL to the downloading page where the files can be downloaded.

I can't send large files bigger than 2GB, why?

As a free user you can only send up to 2GB. If you wish to send larger files you can purchase individual JumboCodes or become a subscriber by purchasing one of our packages. For more information click here

Sending up to 5GB for free

Every user can become an Advanced User and enjoy the option of sending up to 5GB for free. All you need to do is follow a few steps. You can see the steps and view your status by entering your account status in your personal profile.

Note- Invite 2 friends to sign up to JumboMail. You can invite as many friends you like, but it's required that at least two of them will register as JumboMail user.

Sending files to multiple recipients

A user who is not registered can send files to several recipients by entering an email address, then adding a comma and a space, and then entering the next email address. For example,,

Registered users can choose their recipients by clicking on the contacts option in the form and clicking on the preferred contacts. You can add and remove contacts through your personal profile under "contact list".

Sending history

Viewing your sending history is only possible if you are a registered user. In order to view sent emails, sign in and enter your personal profile, there you can choose the "sent emails"  option. If you are not yet a registered user, click here to sign up now.

Is there a way to know if my recipient has downloaded the files?

Yes, when filling out the file sending form, you have the option of choosing to receive a notification email when the recipient downloads the files.

Uploading a folder

The option of uploading entire folders is only available when using internet Chrome. If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can only choose individual files. 

Saving files

  • Emails sent by unsubscribed users are saved for 7 days.
  • Email sent using upload JumboCodes are saved for 14 days
  • Subscribers have the option of saving files for as long as they want.
  • If the files you sent are about to be deleted, you can become a subscriber and save those files from deletion. Click here to subscribe and save your files.

I have uploaded files and now I want to share them. how do I do this?

Once the files are uploaded the sender receives a URL to the download page. You can send this URL from your personal email to any recipient you would like.

I accidentlly sent a file I didn't mean to send. Can I delet it?

Manual deletion of files is only available to registered users and subscribers. In order to delete the files, sign in, enter your profile and click on "sent email". Next to the relevant email you will see an option to delete the files.

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