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How to create a JUMBOembed form?

You can create a JUMBOembed form for embedding on your site or on a personal page on the JUMBOmail site.

Step 1 - Create a form

  • After registering for the site, you go to the form creation page
  • On the form creation page, select the language of the form to display, name the form and title.
  • By drag and drop, you select which fields to include in the form and the order of presentation and build the form as needed.
  • For each field, its name can be set as shown on the form, whether it is a required field or permission, is it only editable or viewable, and additional settings as needed.

Step 2 – Settings

  • Choose whether the form is intended for embedding on a standalone website or within a personal page on the JUMBOmail site
  • Choose which email address updates the inquiries and files sent via the form
  • You can choose advanced settings that include:
    • Maximum file weight limit that can be submitted using the form
    • Define how files are deleted after being received, whether manually or automatically after downloading the files
    • Restriction of file types that can be submitted using the form
  • Notification Alerts - Choose which alerts to send each time a user fills out the form and sends files
  • Define view and form links - can be edited as needed
  • Design Options - Select a color set for the form and set the size of the form to display

Step 3 – embed

Once the form is created, you can receive HTML code to embed on your site. If you do not have a website, you can continue the process of creating a personal page on JUMBOmail

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