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Manage custom statuses to manage received orders

For more orderly management and tracking of the processing status of each order received from the JUMBOembed form, you can manage customized statuses for your needs according to your work steps.

As the default value for each order received from the JUMBOembed form, the following statuses are managed:

Contact was created - as soon as the fields were filled in the first step before the files were uploaded, a contact was created with all user information. Some of these details are used for return to the customer if they chose not to continue the process of uploading the files.

Uploading - Files are currently being uploaded to the invitation

Waiting to download - The files have been successfully uploaded and waiting to be downloaded.

Download - Successfully downloaded files. This status is updated after downloading the files proactively and manually or immediately upon transferring the files in FTP if the account has an FTP service to automatically download the files.

Waiting for deletion - After downloading the files, is set to the default value 7 days until the files are automatically deleted. During this time, you can choose to save the files over time or immediately delete them to free up storage space.

Closed - The files of this invitation were deleted and the invitation closed.

Process error - Indicates that there was some error in the order process.

Upload Error - Indicates that there was some error in the file upload stage.

In addition to these statuses set in the system, you can add additional statuses that are compatible with your organization's workflow.

Examples of additional statuses:

- In print

- Ready for shipment

- Sent to customer

For each such status, you can choose whether or not to send your customer an email to update their order status.

Custom status management is done on the status management page. In order to access this page you must be a registered user on the site.

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