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Get files automatically in FTP

You can configure FTP server connection information to which all files sent to you will be automatically downloaded through JUMBOembed for each successful order received on the system.

This allows you to automatically download all work order files sent directly to your computer in your office or workplace without the need for manual downloading.

In order to set up file downloads automatically, you must access the FTP settings page and update your server address, username and password on this page.

Note that once you start working with FTP, any file transfer received via JUMBOembed will automatically be transferred to the configured FTP server. Once the files are transferred, the email status will be updated to "Download." You can download the files directly from the JUMBOembed management interface at any time.

FTP settings are managed on the FTP settings page. In order to access this page you must be a registered user on the site.

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