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Integration between my site and JUMBOembed form

This option is designed to address those who want to integrate JUMBOembed on their site as an integral part of the process that the end user experiences on the site. For example, a site that sells a print service that combines JUMBOembed order management and file management after a user purchases the print product on the site.

In this case, as part of the site purchase process, the user is already required to fill in all the required order details, product selection and order details, and after payment is made, he can only upload the files and transfer them for further processing for printing.

In the integration process with JUMBOembed all the data needed for order management and tracking can be transferred to the form. As the JUMBOembed form loads on the site, the embed code transfers the data for retention for each field in the form. These data can be the user's identification information such as: name, email, phone; Or order identification information like the transaction system transaction number.

Integrating with JUMBOembed form is a technical process that requires programming capabilities and should therefore be done by your website programmer.

For each field in the form, its value can be passed as received on the site where the form is embedded. This data is saved in the order details in the JUMBOembed order management panel

In addition, for convenience and tracking of any order received from the site, the JUMBOembed Form Transaction ID can be sent to the site by adding a time parameter to the JUMBOembed form code bar on your site.

Details and technical instructions on the integration process can be found on the JUMBOembed integration instructions page. Note: In order to access this page you must be logged in to your JUMBOmail account first.

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