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For whom the JUMBOembed service is intended and for what purpose?

The JUMBOembed service is designed to address anyone who needs to get files from other people or clients and wants to provide the sender a convenient, simple, and fast file transfer tool at no cost.

Example businesses using JUMBOembed:

  • Printing houses - which receive print job orders with printable files
  • Graphic Designers - Get photo files that need to be designed for an album
  • Doctors - who receive test files such as C.T. or X-ray for decoding
  • Video Editors - Receive raw material files for editing videos

No matter what your profession is, if you send files to you for your work, JUMBOembed provides a solution for receipt and file management and streamlines the workflow.

JUMBOembed service is not just a file transfer solution, but a powerful platform that enables you to manage and track all file transfers as working orders. Using the inbox dashboard you can track all orders and manage custom statuses for each incoming order.

The service experience is free and includes 3 simple steps:

  1. Registration
  2. Create a JUMBOembed form and tailor it to your needs
  3. Website integration

The JUMBOembed service is for subscribers only, but you can try the service for 30 days at no cost.

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