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Can the customer track the order status he sent?

To enable your customer to track the status of their order processing, you can also embed the JUMBOembed form, another order tracking form.

An order tracking form is also embedded on your site in the same way that a JUMBOembed form is embedded.

After the file upload is completed, the customer is shown the send operation ID for his order. This number was also emailed to him to summarize the sending operation. By entering this number in the job order tracking form, the end customer can immediately get an answer about the status of their order handling.

In order to receive a work order tracking code embedding code, you must access the order tracking page

There you can choose the form language as displayed on your site and receive code that must be embedded on a page designed to track the bookings on your site.

Access to this page is for registered users only.

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