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Receive order status notifications from JUMBOembed

If you have a CRM client management system or any other system that you would like to receive updates on status update and upload files via JUMBOembed form, you can do so by configuring your system's API address to which the updates will be sent.

You can set a URL to which the received order details will be sent after the file upload operation is completed.

This address will be automatically contacted for each update in the JUMBOembed form status from the moment the sender updates the information until the file upload is completed. You can choose which statuses you want to be notified about.

Please note, this setting applies to all forms defined under your account.

Details and technical instructions on how to configure an API for alerts can be found on the API Settings page. In order to access this page, you must be a registered user on the site.

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