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Is it possible to skip the form filling the form by the user and view the file upload step straight away?

Yes. The JUMBOembed form can be embedded on an external site and used as a means of obtaining the files only without the user having to fill in more details on the form.

This option exists as part of the form integration options with the site on which it is embedded and is only available if the script code is used and not the Iframe code on the site.

In order to load the JUMBOembed form directly with the file upload step, the following parameters must be added and concatenated to the site embed code:

  • SkipForm - The value 1 must be sent to an update that should skip the first step of the form straight to the file upload stage
  • tid - A single value identifier of the transaction on the site embedded in a form. For example, the transaction number on the site
  • embedParams - Include this parameter and pass the email address of the user performing the send operation. According to the email field location on the form. For example: embedParams=field1*

Details and technical instructions on how to integrate can be found on the JUMBOembed integration instructions page. In order to access this page, you must be a registered user on the site.

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