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How to redirect the user to a thank you page on my site after uploading files

While using the JUMBOembed form embedded at your site, on upload files complete, you can choose what will be displayed to the end-user. By default, after files upload complete, as part of the JUMBOembed iframe, there is a message to the user that the process is completed successfully. This page displays a confirmation message that includes the delivery tracking number. Additionally, you can choose whether to include a link to the gallery download page to view the uploaded files or whether to display a link button to send other files.

In case you want to redirect the user to a thank you page on your website, you can do so by selecting this option in the form editing stage under Advanced Settings> Display Settings > Display options after the upload process completed. 
There you can select the redirect option to a specific page at your site. By selecting this option, you must provide the URL of the page the user will be redirected to.

This redirect action includes in the URL two parameters in GET method.

  1. dn - The delivery number 
  2. tid - Your transaction identifier as you sent it originally as part of the parameters of the embed code. 

For example:

Using those parameters which are passed to the thank you page on your site, you can get all the information needed to track the delivery order by cross-reference data from the notification you will get by using the API notification settings. 

Details and technical instructions on the notifications integration process can be found on the JUMBOembed integration instructions page. Note: In order to access this page you must be logged in to your JUMBOmail account first.

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