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Can I add Google analytics or Tag manager tracking code to my JUMBOembed personal branded page?

In case you don't have a personal website, you can create your own landing page to display the JUMBOembed form to your clients. More details can be found here on this page

On your personal branded page, you can add your tracking code from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Facebook in order to track your visitors at your page.

This can be done under JUMBOembed account settings > Personal branded page at Step 3 – Content management.

At this section under page script, you can add the tracking codes in the Page Header or Body, according to the tracking code implementation instructions.

Note: for security reasons, every new code or editing of an existing tracking code needs to be approved by our support team before you will see it on your personal branded page. Only legit tracking codes will be approved.

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