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I don't have a website, how can I present JUMBOembed to my clients?

If you don't have a website, you can create a landing page that includes, in addition to the file form, information about your business, contact information, and selected personal branding photos.

Create a branded landing page

Under JUMBOembed account management you will be able to access personal branding page

Step 1 - General settings

  • Enter the business name
  • Choose a URL for the page
  • Choose which form JUMBOembed wants to display on the page (you can choose to display several forms)

Step 2 - Personal Branding Page

  • Upload 5 images to display in the background of the page
  • You can choose whether you want the images to be automatically swapped or that each time you load the page, you randomly select one image to display

Step 3 - Content management page

  • Choose whether the page is designed for left-to-right (RTL) or left-to-right (LTR)
  • Name as shown in the page title and browser title
  • Enter short text to describe the business (up to 250 characters)
  • Add links to external sites and social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more)
  • If necessary, you can add Tag Manager code or Google analytics to track user logins to the page

At each step you can go back and edit the details presented on this page.

Any update to the JUMBOembed form will immediately appear on the form configured to display on your page.

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