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I'm worried about the security of the files sent through the JUMBOmail system, what is the level of security on the site?

We focus on all information security issues on the site and meet stringent security requirements:

Below is a breakdown of the security components we include on the site required by HIPAA

  • All data communication on the site is done under SSL protocol
  • Users log in to the system is done with a username and password and the user information is stored in the system in encrypted form

  • The file sender, if subscribed, has the option of adding security settings per sending operation which include: limiting the number of downloads, adding a password for authentication before allowing access to download the files which it transmits independently to the recipient
  • File Download Tracking - Which of the Recipients Downloaded the Mail, When, and Which Mail Downloaded
  • Each email sent includes an unencrypted encrypted address by the account owner on the site
  • All files sent through the site system are securely stored in the AWS storage service and access is restricted only by using the limited Token while automatically generated by the system for download while authorized user authentication
  • The database system database is managed and registered as an authorized database - Database number: 700062955
  • The site system is monitored and monitored and includes a system of reports and alerts for any unusual activity
  • Usually (unless otherwise selected by the account owner), the files sent in the system are automatically deleted after 7 days so that in any case they are not re-granted and there is no fear of their leakage to any unauthorized parties. In addition, registered users can track the sending operation and remove the files immediately after being downloaded by the recipient
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