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Who can see the emails I send through JUMBOmail system?

: Each email sent via JUMBOmail receives an untraceable encrypted URL (page address) which is displayed only to the recipient to whom this email is intended.

The Mail Downloads page is blocked for search engine crawling and does not index or register which reveals it to users who do not have the unique URL of the page.

For subscribers, there are also advanced security options that include additional password protection protection, limiting the number of downloads, and removing email re-sharing options.

In the submit form, click on the Additional Email Settings button and select "Security Settings".

In this window you can limit the number of times that this email's files can be downloaded, thus preventing any further downloading of the files other than the recipient.

You can add a password that will be required to enter before downloading the files. In this case, please note that the password is not sent by e-mail with the link to download the files the recipient receives and it is your responsibility to pass the password directly to the recipient.

You can also remove the email sharing options on the download page.

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