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Can I see the list of emails I sent for management or resend?

Only registered users and subscribers can view emails sent by clicking on "sent emails" in the main navigation menu.

For security purposes, in order to view the mailing list archive, you must first verify your email address. Only after verifying the email address of the account you will be able to view your sent mails list.

For each email sent, you can see the following details: email subject, sending date, recipient list, number of files, total weight of the files sent, number of downloads, the intended deletion date of the email.

From the sent emails page, you can do the following for each email independently:

  • Save - This option is available to subscribers or through the use of JUMBOcodes only
  • Delete - Instantly delete of the files sent in this email
  • Security Settings - Add / deactivate password protection for email downloads. Restrict sharing options and limit number of downloads. This option is available for subscribed users only.
  • Resend - Resend the email to other recipients.
  • Download - a link to the email download page.
  • JUMBOpay settings - If this email has been required to pay before downloading the files by recipient.
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