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File upload speed takes a long time, what can I do?

The speed at which files are uploaded to JUMBOmail servers depends on the upload speed of your Internet connection and on the service provided by your ISP.

In addition, there are many reasons that can affect upload speed such as additional software running on the computer during the upload process, parallel upload processes being performed, Antivirus software, Windows updates that are downloaded to the computer or pending installation.

You can use the site upload speed test tool through the Upload Speed Test page

Once you receive your upload speed result, you can calculate the expected upload speed based on your file weight.

Enter the value obtained in the speed test on the page, making sure to select Mbps / Kbps depending on the test result.

Then enter the file size to send. For example: 1GB

Clicking the "Calculate" button will display the estimated time it will take to send your files.

If you want to increase your upload speed, we recommend contacting your ISP and infrastructure.

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